Avoiding a Legally Bumpy Ride for Scooters in San Diego

With the San Diego City Council expected over the next few weeks to vote and probably approve new rules and regs for the electric scooters in the city, they might want to keep an eye on what the Consumer Attorneys of California is doing.

They’re a trade group representing personal injury lawyers in the state and they are trying to push a new bill through the legislature they say would make it easier sue scooter companies if their scooters cause or are responsible crashes with injuries.

In recent weeks, there have been some of those kinds of crashes involving scooters in San Diego including one last month that led to the death of a scooter rider.

San Diego police have been trying to enforce existing laws and safety, but with so many scooters in so many places around the city, it’s hard to prevent every possible crash.

Scooter companies are responsible for making sure every one of their vehicles operates properly and scooter riders are responsible for being responsible in the way they ride them and where.

And the city knows that without some effective rules and regulations of scooters in San Diego, the city will face lawsuits, too.They already have.

It’s clear all parties have to be responsible, public, private and people, or else San Diego’s experience with scooters is going to be a rough ride.

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