There is NOTHING Wrong With Having, "Work," Done. And Then There is This...

I get fillers about twice a year, and I feel perfectly fine with it.

If you do, or don't, that is fine, too.

We all want to feel good, and feel like we look good. And there are so many options out there, helping us age a little more gracefully, without having to get cut-up to do it. And there isn't anything wrong with that, either!

Aging is a thing that happens to us all. But we don't have to play the hand we are dealt. Some people seem to age more quickly, and some more's a combination of DNA, and life. And it plays out on our faces in ways that we sometimes don't like.

For me, the lines around my eyes don't bother me at all. Mostly, I acquired them through smiles and laughter. And the sun, which I have not been as diligent in blocking, as I should have.

Where it goes sideways for my lower face. I dislike the gravity-induced marionette lines that make me seem to be frowning all the time. The thinning lips, and the googly chin.

So I go to a spa in Mission Valley, and I plump. I also do my lips, because...I can. LOL.

It's pretty subtle, these fillers I use, because to me, the point is to look a bit fresher. They don't make me look 12...they make me look like I actually get some sleep, and they take away the frowniness I dislike so much.

I am also undergoing a lasering in May, meant to undo some of the aforementioned sun damage. It's gonna hurt, but it isn't going to radically change anything about my face. Once I heal...I will still look like me. With fewer age spots. I can continue to wear no makeup, and my skin will look more fresh.

I see plenty of women who have pillowy, lips, and that is a look they feel good with. Have at it. It just isn't for me. I wasn't born with those, so I think they would look a bit strange on me. OK, a LOT strange on me.

And then there are the outliers. People who have taken it to the next level. In the next universe.

We are initially inclined make fun of them. They are usually women, and it's easy to pick on them. But we shouldn't.

I feel badly for anyone who feels they need to so radically change themselves...many times, it seems, into a parody of hyper-sexual obviousness.

And I feel angry, that any self-respecting doctor, or practitioner would agree to DO that to someone.

This mocking article in The Sun drags these women through the coals. Look, the pictures are startling and pretty awful, to be honest. But, once the shock wears off, you might feel like I did.

Ask yourself this: Why would someone do this to themselves? Do you think it is a healthy sense of self, and confidence that has driven them to augment so heavily? Do you think that they feel good about themselves and their lives?

I don't think so. And it breaks my heart for them. There is self-doubt, and then there is a belief that you are only meant to be an object. That if you are not "sexy," you are not worth anything.

If I could say one thing to them, I would tell them, take it from an overweight 52 year old divorcee, who has, and will continue to have, work done. Confidence is sexy. To everyone. You wouldn't believe the attention you get when you are comfortable in your own saggy, wrinkly skin. Or lifted skin. However you want to rock it. Your friends, your lovers, and others will love you. and be attracted to you...even when....especially are still you.


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