A Message From the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

From the ashes of the fire that consumed much of the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have come lots of comments and thoughts about why it was so shocking and difficult to watch in real time the destruction at this 900 year old church.

Yes it is one of the world’s most popular places to visit for centuries and the word iconic, while over-used, is the word that for many describes how Notre Dame has been viewed. Centuries of history and art in one place that draws people of all faiths and of no faiths.

But beyond the incredible history of the cathedral and the famous literature written about it, and that many in France call it the soul of their nation, Notre Dame as a church, also is a peaceful place that has survived in a world of trouble through the ages.

As a writer in The Independent puts it, in describing Notre Dame and other great cathedrals, “They are a reminder of the constancy and power of faith. Yet you don’t need to be religious to appreciate and take in the healing power of a cathedral. Stepping in through the great doors can be a lesson in history, one that echoes with the trials and tribulations around us.”

The plan to rebuild is already underway and coming during what Christians call Holy Week that ends with Good Friday and the celebration of the Easter morning resurrection, the re-birth of a famous cathedral like Notre Dame comes at a perfect time.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire 4 15 2019 Getty Images


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