Is Parking the Homeless Problem the Right Solution?

Another debate is going on today over parking the problem of what to do about the homeless people in our community on city streets.

The San Diego City Council is expected to decide whether to allow people without homes to live in their vehicles on city streets,

There was a ban on that, then there wasn’t and now some want the ban reinstated.Letting people live in vehicles on the streets around town or even designating unused parking lots where people who are homeless can live in their RVs or cars with portable bathrooms nearby and other supportive services is not as simple as it may seem.

In fact it’s turned out not to be simple at all. And that’s because there is no simple solution to solving the homeless problem.

Because people who are homeless are homeless for a variety of reasons, there is no one simple solution.

It’s not only because of the high cost of homes and rent. It’s not only because of mental illness.It’s not only because of drug or alcohol addiction.It is all those things and even more.

And that’s why it’s become so hard to come up with effective solutions to end the problem of homelessness in our community or in any community.

You can make a comment below and maybe offer a solution.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)



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