New Shaking Friday in California From 6.9 Earthquake Near Ridgecrest

A 6.9 earthquake centered near Ridgecrest, California shook a wide area of the state, including San Diego Friday evening, just one day after a 6.4 quake and hundreds of aftershocks rattled the state.

The quake, which happened at approximately 8:16p in Kern County, was felt as far north in Sacramento and into Baja California. It was also felt in neighboring Nevada where an NBA game in Las Vegas was halted for a period of time. People were seen on the television broadcast of the game at the Thomas & Mack Center streaming out of the facility.

Seismologist Lucy Jones says the quake this evening was along the same fault line that produced the Searles Valley sequence on Thursday. That quake caused scattered damage to roads and structures in Ridgecrest, a community near the epicenter.

In San Diego County people reported feeling the quake, many described it as a rolling feeling. In Los Angeles, the quake was felt even stronger. The runways at LAX were cleared to allow inspection. The announcers in the Dodgers game noted the shaking while play continued.

The initial report was that the quake registered 7.1 but it was later adjusted to 6.9 by the USGS.

No damage or injuries have been reported yet from this latest quake, check back for updates.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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