How You Can Be Prepared for the Next Big Earthquake

Not everyone felt that 7.1 earthquake Friday night but most people did.

From San Diego to Sacramento, from L-A to Las Vegas, the shaking from the quake that was centered near the small town of Ridgecrest in Kern County rumbled across a wide area.

And the question emergency officials have now is whether all that rumbling will shake more people in California to be better prepared for large earthquakes.

The Friday night quake stirred memories among many in California who remember the 1979 earthquake in El Centro that caused major damage there and minor damage in San Diego, or the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 in San Francisco and the Northridge quake in 1994, both of which caused dozens of deaths and lots of damage.

And it wasn’t that long ago when that 7.2 quake hit on Easter Sunday in northern Mexico border that caused damage on this side of the border in 2010.

Those were all large quakes. And had Friday night’s 7.1 quake been centered in a more populated area, it would have been a lot worse.

So we all know from time to time we do have and that we will have some major quakes with a chance of the so-called Big One happening at some point down the road. The question for all of us now is whether we will be ready for the next big quake and whether we are doing enough now to be prepared.

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What you can do to be ready for next big quake at Ready San Diego dot org.

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