LISTEN: KOGO News Special: California on Unstable Ground; How to Prepare

We need no other reminder that earthquakes are a reality in our state than than the recent shaking that's been taking place near Ridgecrest, California. The most recent and significant quake took place the morning of July 12th and measured 4.9. That quake, occurred one week to the day of the July 5th quake that measured 7.1.

The communities of Ridgecrest and Trona continue efforts to put their lives back together while the ground continues to shake. There have been hundreds of aftershocks since the series. Though the earthquakes have been centered in the Mojave Desert, they were felt in Nevada and California, including San Diego. A reminder to all of us that we are on shaky ground.

Are you prepared for an earthquake?

Listen to the KOGO News Special: California on Unstable Ground BELOW

EXAMINE the disaster preparedness efforts happening in the County of San Diego. We will interview Holly Porter, Director of the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

DISCOVER from Dr. Thomas Rockwell, a paleoseismologist from San Diego State University which fault lines pose a direct threat to our county.

HELP YOU create a family emergency plan and find out from the Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties what exactly should be in your earthquake kit.

ANSWER the question, is an earthquake insurance policy worth the money? We'll interview Glenn Pomeroy, CEO of the California Earthquake Authority.

SHARE tips from mental health expert Dr. Judy Ho on how to deal with the stress of earthquakes.

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