Will Fans Go Nuts Over Baseball's Nets?

The next time you go to a major league baseball game, depending on what ballpark you’re in, you may start noticing something.

And how much you notice it is what part of the debate about it, is all about.

If you’ve been to a major league baseball game the last couple of years, you probably have noticed that the protective netting in front of the lower decks now extends to the far end of each dugout.

That was mandated by MLB before the 2018 season to help protect fans from getting hit by balls hit into the stands after a series of people having been hit, including kids, some of whom were injured.

And now a couple of teams have decided to extend the protective netting all the way out to the left and right field foul poles in the outfield.

The Chicago White Sox became the first team to do it this week and the Washington Nationals are also doing it and there could be more.For now the commissioner of MLB says it’s a ballpark to ballpark decision.

Reaction so far is mixed with most players saying they like it because they don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt from a ball they hit into the stands.

Among fans, some like it, because they feel safer. Others don’t like it because they don’t like having to look through a net to watch the game.

Chances are most baseball fans will get used to a longer protective net at the ballpark. What the heck, fans already have become used to long hair and long beards in baseball,

READ MORE about what players and fans are saying.

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