The Good News for Marines After Getting Bad News

It was a special day at Petco Park Sunday for some members of our huge military population in San Diego.

The U.S Marine Corps.The Padres before the game took special time with a special ceremony and a flyover to honor the thousands of Marines who are based in San Diego.

From the recruits and their drill sergeants at MCRD to the pilots and the support crews at MCAS Miramar to the highly trained first into battle warriors at Camp Pendleton, these are the Marines who serve their country and who are vital to our national defense.

And they also are an important part of our San Diego community.

And that’s why that with what happened last week, just days before those in the U.S. Marines were honored and thanked by thousands of people at Petco Park, the timing of Sunday’s event came at a very good time.

Last week’s arrests of 18 Marines and 1 sailor at Camp Pendleton in connection with a drug and human smuggling operation at the border made national news.Bad news for the Marines.

But certainly no one was more angry or hurt by that news about the tiny few bad Marines than all the other honorable Marines who in San Diego and around the world do their jobs every day in a sacrificial way.

And that’s why it must have been so good for these young men and women in the Marines, to be standing there at Petco Park Sunday being applauded and honored by Americans who are thankful for the U.S. Marine Corps.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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