What Really Makes the San Diego Zoo World Famous

We all know the saying, about sometimes not seeing the forest for the trees.Missing something you should know because you’re focused on the wrong thing.

That’s kind of what you might say about the latest news from our World Famous San Diego Zoo.

As the director of Reproductive Sciences at San Diego Zoo Global put it about the birth of an artificially inseminated white rhino on Sunday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, “This birth is significant as it…represents a critical step in our effort to save the northern white rhino from the brink of extinction.”

You see we forget or maybe we don’t even know that when we visit the Zoo in Balboa Park or the Safari Park east of Escondido, behind the scenes there are things going on to save animals that are threatened with extinction around the world.

When we take our families visiting from out of town to see all the animals at the Zoo and Safari Park, do we mention the great job all those scientists are doing every day to preserve the animal world?

Probably not. But the birth of this little, or not so little, white rhino this week, should be a reminder of how important the work is that is going on at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.

And why we are fortunate to have this world famous zoo in our own backyard even if we’re not always paying attention.


(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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