What Not to Do When a Hurricane Hits

Sometimes we complain about things we know we shouldn’t complain about but we still complain about them anyway.

Take, for instance, the weather.

Here in San Diego we don’t have a lot to complaint about when it comes to weather, but there are a lot of complaints you hear about the hot and muggy weather we’ve had lately.

The dog days of summer they’re sometimes called.And yes it can be hard to sleep at night and it can be harder to work if your job is outdoors..

But we know that most people who don’t live in San Diego, but wish they did, think we’re silly for complaining about the weather at all.

And of course right now, it’s actually pretty bad for any of us to be complaining about the weather here….when we have been watching what is going on from the Bahamas to the Carolinas where a huge hurricane has caused huge damage and a huge disaster.

Living in San Diego, it’s hard to imagine what it must be like to have to prepare for a giant hurricane, then get through it and then have to recover from it, dealing with all the destruction and the loss of life.

Weather disasters do happen and they always will. And while there’s not much we can do about the weather, we can do something about what we do when they happen.

And we can take a tip from those affected by hurricanes, who have learned to not complain, but who courageously commit to rebuilding and restoring their lives and their communities.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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