James Corden Claps Back at Bill Maher. And It's About Time....

Believe me, there is not one overweight person on the planet who needs you to tell them, they are overweight. They have heard it everyday, more than once, usually.

There are as many reasons to be overweight, as there are overweight people.

It's easy to dismiss us...as lazy, slovenly, constant-snicker-munching, scooter-poaching, horrible, morally bankrupt, people of Wal Mart. And a lot of people climb up on that high-horse, and do just that.

Bill Maher really doesn't like the obese. He isn't just vocal about it, he is mean, and small about it. It says more about him than it does about you, but I digress.

I’ve gained and lost all of the Backstreet Boys, and two, One Directions. Ultimately, I’d have to live on celery and cucumbers if I wanted to be “perfect.” There are reasons that I weigh more than I should, but, honestly, they don't matter. I don't need to defend myself, and I won't. I get to live with it.

And so do millions of other people. Do you know any overweight people who haven't tried every possible diet? Do you know any overweight people who have't had to deal with the derision of others?

It seems that, it is now, and always has been, open season, on people with weight issues. What I find strange, is, we all know and love people who have fought, repeatedly, the battle of the bulge.

We have cheered their attempts to drop the lb's on the cabbage soup diet. Keto, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Optifast, Nutrisystem, beef jerky only...ad infinitum.

Many have taken dangerous medications, in the never ending quest for a beach bod. Hey, who needs a properly working heart, Phen-fen?

Some have undergone life-altering surgeries. They are our friends and family members. And sometimes...we are "they."

It's a battle most people wage over and over. And sometimes, you give up in disgust. Then you are filled with self-loathing...then you try again. And again.

Being overweight is NOT healthy. No one is laboring under that illusion.

Some of you have done what you can do, and simply accepted that you are who you are, fat or thin. You get comfortable in your skin, because it's what you have.

Some of you rock it. Being overweight doesn't mean you have to hate yourself...and so you stop doing that. There is nothing wrong with that. You gotta work with what ya got.

And there sure do seem to be a lot of people out there for whom this is not an issue. Bill Maher isn't one of them, so we can just avoid his snarky butt, and hang out with people who see more than a big butt encased in denim.

And with those who relish a big butt encased in denim. Heh. LH

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