President Trump in Enemy Territory

President Trump visiting California is being described as something like going into enemy territory.

Headlines suggesting the President is going into the heart of the so-called Resistance.

There is no doubt that Governor Newsom and the Democratic ruled state legislature oppose the President.The state has filed dozens of lawsuits against the Trump administration over everything from the border wall to climate change.

And we’ve all seen all those tweets by President Trump in which he slams California over everything from sanctuary cities to wildfires to homelessness.

And both the President and the Governor have each tossed some pretty nasty words at each other ever since Donald Trump was elected.

And in that 2016 election, Donald Trump was trounced in the popular vote..and now with Democrats having taken an even stronger hold on state government, the President coning to California to raise money may be seen as unlikely.

But then President Trump is not one who does what you might expect from a normal politician.

So we should not be surprised to see and hear the President shake up things a bit during his visit to a state known for withstanding seismic events.

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(Photo credit Getty Images)

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