Why You Feel So Lonely

We are "connected," more so, than any other people in history.

Still, too many of us are lost and afraid. We are desperately lonely.

We crave human touch, even as we cloister ourselves with our devices, and engage in online fights that leave us choked with rage, and empty of empathy.

It's even worse. for our kids.

If you were born in the 60's. 70's or early 80's, you grew up without a computer attached to your hand. You understand face to face communication. You KNOW how to connect. Whether you actually DO it, is another thing. But, you definitely know how.

Many Millennials, and all of Gen Z have access to the most amazing technology in history.

And, it is amazing, this technological wonderland we live in.

But, it's killing our kids. If you have kids, PLEASE read this.

And feel free to join AFSP San Diego, for our Out Of The Darkness Walk, Sunday October 27th.

There is no fee to come, or you can raise money by starting a team...you can donate to my walk, just click here. Either way, you are helping us go into schools and teach kids the warning signs...and coping skills.

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