Tweets From a 16 Year Old in 2012 Found. Anheuser-Busch Cancels Him.

Carson King's apology for his old Tweets, notwithstanding, he's today's goat. But there is more...

First, Let me explain....

Carson is a 24 year old Iowa man, who went viral when he held up a sign at a football game asking for beer money to be sent to his Venmo. ESPN showed it, and the money started rolling in.

A lot of money.

In an instant, Carson went from zero to hero...and BAM! He is famous.

So Carson, who could have held keggers for the rest of his life, and probably canceled any student debt he and anyone else he knows, with the proceeds, decided, instead, to give the money to University of Iowa's Stead Children's Hospital. As always, corporations raced to match the donations, or take advantage of the accidentally viral man, so they could get a little love, too.

Anheuser-Busch was one. Since the guy was asking for donations for Busch Lite. Seriously. I think we need to drag him over to Hess, or Second Chance, or Alpine Brewing, or Thorn...Oh, heck. We can just drag him through North Park, and help him improve his palate. But I digress. A-B raced to make itself part of the now insanely viral story.

And then reporter Aaron Calvin of The Des Moines Register started sniffing around.

No biggie. One would expect people to be interested. After all, with matches from Venmo, A-B and other donations...there was now about a million dollars pledged for sick and dying kids. That is a pretty tidy sum, headed for a really great cause, and from a seemingly nice guy.

Ah, but this is the age of the Butt-insky, and Cancel Culture, and Virtue-Signaling, and any cursory glance at someone is really just a deep dive into their social media accounts to see if they have ever said or done anything that could be called, offensive.

Carson, like many people, has been offensive. When he was 16, in 2012, Carson tweeted some stuff that was offensive. No question, it was out of line.

Reporter Aaron Calvin found the tweets, from 2012, and asked Carson about them. Carson apologized profusely, and tried to explain that the two tweets were part of a back-and-forth with friends, over an episode of Tosh.0. He also said he was horrified by them.

An apology, today, is not enough.

A-B raced to distance itself from Carson, cutting all ties with the now-disgraced 24 year old casino employee. The good news is, A-B is still giving the 350 grand it had already pledged, to the hospital. It was, and is, the decent thing to do, and good on them.

The reporter is now in a pickle as well, as the Twitterverse dug into his past, and uncovered some Tweets that were less-than-stellar.

So now, we have two people, being roasted on a spit, over things that may, or may not be, representative of who they are today. I suspect they are not...but the holier than thous are out in full-force.

We have an accidentally viral campaign that was making a lot of money, for sick and dying children, hanging in the balance.

I don't think we have uncovered two founding members of the KKK, here. Do you? Truly?

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