Is This the New Normal in California?

You’ve been hearing a question being raised a lot in recent days. Is this the new normal in California?

The question of course is being asked because of the recurring strong Santa Ana’s with high temperatures, gusty winds and low humidity. Fires breaking out one after the other up and down the state. Evacuation orders being sent out. And homes being threatened or burned.

And of course the power being routinely shut off now to millions of people in the state to try to prevent the fires.

The L-A Times calls it California’s fire and power crisis.

And with the Governor having issued a statewide emergency because of how serious the situation has become and memories of the deadly and devastation fires just a year ago in towns like Paradise California, that’s why some of the weather and firefighting officials are saying this may all indeed be the new normal in our state.

Preparing for wildfires is not new in California by any means, but emergency preparedness is becoming more of a priority for a lot of more people who may have always thought that it probably won’t happen where I live so I’ll get around to it when I can.

With what’s been happening in the state the last couple of weeks, it looks like it’s time to get around to it.


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