What to Remember About the California Wildfires

There is no doubt that the wildfires here in California and the fear of more have resulted in a greater awareness among all of us who live here about the danger and about being better prepared.

But another thing that has happened this year and last year and the year before that, is that many of us have become more aware of how quickly tragedy can strike and how quickly life can change.

You’ve heard the stories in these recent days of families having to suddenly, sometimes in the middle of the night, have to immediately evacuate their homes with no time to take anything with them but maybe some bare essentials.

And there are stories from last year’s deadly fires in Northern California of people in the town of Paradise thinking that the flames from a wildfire are far away, and then suddenly, in a matter of minutes the fire has reached their property line.

And the stories of the emotions and pain of returning to where your home once stood and now is just a pile of ashes and burned up family treasures.

We all know in our heads that life can suddenly change, but when it happens, our hearts are not often ready for it.

And that’s why when California’s wildfires erupt and we are faced with what can and does happen, it is beneficial to remember and hold on to our family, our friends and our faith.

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