Is the Time Change a Reminder About How to Use Our Time?

This past weekend’s time change has a lot of people talking again about whether we should change time, from standard time to daylight saving time and back to standard time and so on twice every year.

All this talk often brings up the subject of sleep itself. Sleeping patterns and the trouble many people have sleeping.

And that’s why a new survey from Psychology and Health is so timely.

Researchers surveyed well over one thousand people and they found a connection between a good night’s sleep and forgiveness.

Those in the survey were asked to rate their quality of sleep, willingness to forgive themselves and others, current health, and overall life satisfaction.

The researchers say the results showed that the higher someone’s propensity for forgiveness is, the more likely they are to not only sleep better, but to also be healthier and more satisfied with life.

The Psychology and Health researchers said it’s not surprising, explaining that people who have a tough time forgiving themselves or others tend to hold on to stress-inducing emotions like anger, sadness, and disappointment. And all of those can have a negative effect on us in the long-term.

So maybe the kind of time change we need to make…is not about more daylight but about more forgiveness.

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