The Big Man at McDonald's Big Mistake

As the fast food chain that made the Happy Meal part of American culture, not a lot of people at McDonalds, along with their investors, are happy about what has happened to now former CEO Steve Easterbrook.

The firing of the head man at McDonalds for what the company’s board of directors called his “poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee” means no Happy Meals for him on his way out.

You see, McDonalds has had a company policy that forbids relationships like the one he had and as the CEO, he certainly knew it, but he did it anyway.

In an email, Easterbrook wrote to employees at McDonalds, he called his consensual relationship with an employee a “mistake.”

So he becomes the latest in a long list of leaders in businesses, entertainment and politics who have made mistakes of their own.

Some have made bigger mistakes than others, when it comes to these kinds of mistakes, but the mistakes usually involve physical or emotional passions overtaking common sense and doing what’s right.

Mistakes like these of course are made by all kinds of people but when you are a leader, they can become more costly and of course more publicized.

And that’s why the most famous Biblical prayer includes the line about not being led into temptation...

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