How Did SeaWorld Rescue Itself?

It’s one of San Diego’s most popular tourist attractions and has been for many decades.

And it has generated millions of dollars for San Diego’s economy over the many years.

It is SeaWorld.And while the theme park on Mission Bay remains all that it has been, it has also been going through lots of change.

Today’s announcement of a new CEO at SeaWorld is the latest change.The new head man comes from the resort and timeshare business, a sign of the changes that have been going on there for a few years now.

A controversial video in 2013 about a killer whale, even if its accuracy was disputed, killed a lot of business at Seaworld as animal activists waged a campaign.

But lots of changes have been made since then, not only the decision not to breed whales in captivity and to change the whale show and the environment for the orcas, but SeaWorld’s decision to add its new roller coasters, and other entertainment features. Attendance is back up and so is the revenue.

And at the same time, SeaWorld has been doing a much better job of making sure people across the county know what those of us who live here have known about SeaWorld for a long time….that they have and do rescue and save the lives of thousands of marine mammals.

So while Blackfish may have darkened things for a while, the theme park that is so important to San Diego’s tourism economy, looks like it has rescued itself.

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