How to Make Your Mondays Better

TGIF, thank goodness for Friday. Most everyone looks forward to Friday and the weekend, but what about the Monday just ahead?

How do you feel about and plan for Monday and the next week? It has a lot to do with what you think about and do during your weekend.

A LinkedIn survey found that anxiety over the coming workweek affects 80 percent of professionals, with that percentage increasing to over 90 percent in Millennials and Generation Z. 

But in an article for Inc., the People Officer for Hub Spot, Katie Burke, suggests five things we can do to avoid that anxiety we can feel on Sundays as we near Monday.

#1. Clean out your in-box. Schedule an hour on Fridays to try to respond to as many emails as possible.

#2. Make a list of what you accomplished during the week instead of getting anxious about what you didn’t get done.

#3. Unplug on the weekend. Turn off some notifications and spend time with family, friends and yourself and it will help your physical and mental health.

#4. Make a list of three things you really want to accomplish next week and it will make it easier to plan and do them.

#5. Make your first calendar appointment on Monday something you look forward to or even get excited about.

And to all of those, a good one to add would be choosing to have a positive attitude.And remembering the old adage about acting the way you want to feel than waiting to feel like doing an act.

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