Having That Talk With Your Kids About Tech Not Sex

A new study finds that a lot of parents don’t know as much about tech gadgets as their children.

That’s certainly not surprising. More of a confirmation than a revelation.

But what the study also found that some parents feel so unfamiliar and uncomfortable with their lack of knowledge about the modern tech gadgets, they say they’d rather talk to their kids about the traditionally hard thing to talk about; the birds and the bees.

About 1,000 British parents took part in the research, and 56% say they would rather talk to their children about sex and puberty than learn about new tech devices and gadgets.

About 60% said admit they ask their children for help with their modern tech gadgets But many don't know some things they should know. The survey found that many parents don’t know what a lot of on line and texting acronyms mean, such as PAW, P-A-W, which means “parents are watching.”

One of the researchers had this to say to parents about their study.

“Children are extremely bright and are often ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the capabilities of the internet — safety is paramount and it’s vital parents have these important conversations with their kids at an early age.”

That’s certainly good advice for parents today who not only still need to talk about the birds and the bees with their kids but also to make sure they talk to them about the texts and tablets.

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