Finding Direction in Study on Differences Between Sexes

Let’s face it. Men and women love to talk about which of them does what better.

How many discussions have you had about who does crossword puzzles better, who’s better handling finances, which is better at fixing things, or which is better at driving, you know, those kinds of things.

Well, there’s a new study out that indicates that what once may have been conventional wisdom at a time long ago, is not true and may never have been

The study looked at whether the once popular notion that men are better at reading maps and figuring out directions, even with Siri and GPS, is true.

The study found that while old stereotypes may still be popular about men being better at it, it turns out both are equally equipped to do the job.

The researchers say that’s because while a woman may approach a task that involves spatial cognition differently than a man, ultimately she will come to the same conclusion just as efficiently.

So there you go. Now what do we talk about in the car?

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