San Diego County Health Department: How to Prepare for Coronavirus

"The time to prepare is now." San Diego County Health Officials briefed the public today on steps citizens should take to prepare for a potential outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Though officials made it clear the current risk is low and there is no reason to panic, they called on residents to educate themselves on how to prevent illness and be prepared for the possibility of an outbreak.

"Just as you would prepare for sheltering in place during an emergency, such as an earthquake we want you to begin to build a supply of food, beverages, water and medications for you and your family members, including your pets" said Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County Public Health Officer.

Officials also called on the local business community to make plans for staffing and outlined the efforts underway to coordinate planning with the various cities in San Diego County and local schools.

In addition, officials have outlined best practices to avoid getting ill or spreading illness.

Read more HERE from the County of San Diego.

Read CDC planning guide HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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