Diamond Princess Passenger Describes Coronavirus Experience to Lou Penrose

A California man currently quarantined with the Coronavirus told KOGO's Lou Penrose, he's fearful that when he returns home he may face an atmosphere of hysteria.

Carl Goldman and his wife from Santa Clarita, California were on the Princess Diamond which was quarantined in Yokahama, Japan for nearly two weeks after it was discovered there was an outbreak of the virus. Nearly 700 people onboard that ship tested positive for the virus, including Carl. His wife however, tested negative. While Goldman remains in an Omaha, Nebraska hospital under quarantine, his wife returned home this week and Goldman says many of their friends have been fearful about getting near her. He also says their dog sitter lost a job over his contact with his wife though she's not ill.

Goldman also talked to Lou about what it feels like to have the Coronavirus. Listen to the full interview below.