Why We Need Facts and Not Fear During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The cruise business in San Diego is one of the many businesses being hurt by the worries over the coronavirus.

And it couldn’t have come at a worst time.After down years since the economic recession of 2008 and then the impact of drug cartel crime in Mexico, when San Diego’s cruise business was sinking, it has resurfaced in recent years and has been doing well.Very well.Which means hundreds of thousands of passengers coming visiting San Diego and hundreds of millions of dollars coming to our economy.

But now the fears over the coronavirus have the potential of making the cruse business sick.

As one travel agent told the San Diego Union Tribune, “Everybody is canceling up the ying-yang,”, adding, “People are scared because of what’s in the media.”

And while the cruise ship companies like Holland America which brings a lot of business to San Diego are now taking very strong steps to check passengers before they come on board, even threatening legal action against passengers who lie about their health, the media have a role to play too.

Reports about the coronavirus have to be factual and helpful, without unconfirmed rumor and not sensationalized or hyped for ratings.

At a time like this, we in the media, just like those in government, need to be responsible even more than usual because it can impact not only the economy but lives.

CLICK HERE for helpful information about the coronavirus.

(Photo credit c.e. Albert)

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