What NOT to Do About the Coronavirus

A text from your wife can get your attention and that’s what happened this week when the text read “It’s crazy, everyone in a panic.”

She was watching one of the network TV news programs that were filled with story after story of another coronavirus case, or death, or quarantine or school closure or cancelled event or social distancing.

A few months ago most of us had never heard of a coronavirus or the term social distancing or thought much about what it would be like to be put into quarantine. We’re all familiar with those things now.

But the one thing you hear that we don’t want to hear is the word panic.

And right now, leaders in government, in health care and in the media and those at schools and at businesses as well as parents and grandparents should be doing all they can to avoid a panic.

The coronavirus is a major concern that needs to be properly and urgently addressed.

And while all the health experts say the risk among Americans of getting the virus remains low, those who try to dismiss it as not as a big deal as it is..don’t help.

But instead of panicking, Americans should be preparing and doing the things being recommended to help avoid getting ill and preventing others from getting ill and making sure that anyone who does become ill gets the medical attention they need.

CLICK HERE to see recommendations from CDC about the coronavirus.

SEE KOGO's Coronavirus Daily Report page.

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