Governor: Most Schools Likely to Remain Closed Until End of School Year

Governor Gavin Newsom says most California schools will likely remain closed for the rest of the school year because of the coronavirus.

At a media briefing Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Newsom said, “I would plan and assume it is unlikely that many of these schools, few if any, will open before the summer break".

“I don’t want to mislead you, to six-plus million kids in our system and their families, they need to make some plans at a time when a lot of plans are already being curtailed,” said Newsom, a father of four children. “But planning with kids is some of the most challenging planning.

Newsom says California has requested a federal waiver that means children would not have to face academic tests once they eventually return to school. The governor said, “We think it is totally inappropriate for kids to worry about coming back and being tested.”

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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