Father Joe's Villages Announces Steps to Protect Homeless Population

Father Joe’s Villages is implementing an emergency response to protect the health and safety of our neighbors, volunteers and staff.

In a news release Wednesday, officials with Father Joe's Villages issued this guidance:

While most of us will be able to stay safe or recover in ourhomes, our neighbors experiencing homelessness faceadditionalchallenges:

  • Weakened immune systems resulting in an increased risk of serious illness.
  • Less access to preventative hygiene practices, such as hand washing and sanitation.
  • Close, and often unsanitary, living conditions in encampments in our canyons and streets.
  • No safe place to recover if illness is contracted.

In addition to increased hygiene and cleaning efforts, detailed below, we will be adjusting client and volunteer procedures in dining rooms to minimize risk.

We also are asking that volunteers:

  1. Wash their hands with warm water and soap before and after every shiftandwhenever they take off your gloves or use the restroom.
  2. Do not volunteer if they are sick or feeling ill. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel.
  3. Wearing gloves during their service.
  4. Avoid touching their face or eyes with unwashed hand


(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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