How Parents Are Dealing with Coronavirus School Closures

It quickly spread on social media like a California wildfire minutes after California Governor Gavin Newsom said it.

The Governor said Tuesday that it’s now likely that schools in California will remain closed due to the coronavirus through the end of the school year and not open again till summer or fall.

One mom saying: "Anybody else having a panic attack? ... we're like 2 days in to this and I'm hanging on by a thread. You're saying this could be our new reality until July?!?!"

Another mom posted what you might call a weekly lesson plan for now:

Kids schedule for the working from home families:

Manic Monday

Tablet Tuesday

Worthless Wednesday

TV time Thursday

Fortnite Friday

And there was another mom who posted this: The kids are running around the house playing “Corona Tag”. I’m going to count this as a science lesson and physical education for the day""

Yes, everyone, everywhere, is facing a new way of life in thanks to the coronavirus concerns. Closures, cancellations and crowded stores with lots of empty shelves.

Our kids will remember this time for the rest of their lives. For parents, it’s a time to help them, and themselves, get through it with some special time, some helpful humor...and lots of patience.

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(Photo credit c.e. albert)

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