Living Life in the Age of the Coronavirus

It’s spring break time. But you’d never know it. The coronavirus has changed everything.

Instead everyone is dealing with all the things going on that are very different, and it all happened in a matter of days.

Hardly anyone is traveling. Now we are learning to deal with the separation and isolation, the closures and the layoffs and telling yourself not to worry about the empty shelves but still worrying if you have enough of what you may need.

This can be a time of feeling unsettled and feeling stressed.

Having to stay away from friends and from all the places you go that you take for granted is not easy.

Counselors say this is a time, with kids home from school and spouses working from home, to take advantage of being able to do things together you’ve wanted to always do, but don’t do much.

Like playing board games or doing puzzles, going through all your pictures you’ve wanted to go through or getting to that project around the house you’ve wanted to finish.

And while being together too much can, at times, be too much, this coronavirus is also bringing people together in a good way, It’s helping us to set aside the political bickering and divisiveness and instead forcing us to focus more on what’s really important . Life may be different right now but when it passes, it may make life better

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(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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