Yeah, it IS Lonely. So it's Up To Us to Stay Occupied

The truth is, I lead a very solitary existence, so I am used to keeping myself busy, and am quite comfortable with being alone. Still, this weekend stretched me to my limits.

I was not cognizant of how often I DO go out, to alleviate the boredom. I step out and waltz down to a restaurant to eat. Even alone, eating is a social thing. I talk to people around me. I talk to the staff.

If I get bored I am used to heading over to Copper Top for a latte, and chat with the owner, Josh. (I still get my lattes, with less conversation.)

Sometimes, I catch my old hairdresser, Walter, as he and his partner, Todd, head into the salon a couple of doors down. We try to catch up, as well.

There is Chef Luciano and his staff at Red Door (open for pick-up and highly recommend!) I usually park it at the bar, and read my book while I eat, and chat with the staff, who I have had the pleasure to get to know, in the three years I have been going. (I went there for takeout last week.I'll be back this week.)

There are the guys at Fiori, where I grab a slice, and maybe get a good whiskey recommendation. I've spent a lot of time talking scotch in that place. I still go, I just don't stay.

There is my favorite watering hole, which will remain unnamed, where I can chat up the bartenders, and a few customers, who have become friends.

And my other favorite watering hole, the Aero Club, where there is a sea of Whiskey to keep you afloat, and a bartender named Eric who makes fabulous drinks.

So, I didn't realize, that I wasn't as alone as I thought.

Now, the good news is, I read a lot of books. And I can lose myself in a book very easily.

What I, and all of us have to remember is, to reach out to each other.

Write an email, and say something nice to someone.

Facetime your mom, dad, or best friend.

Reach out.

We can't let this unnatural isolation depress us, or make us stir crazy.

When I felt myself dipping Sunday, I stepped outside onto an empty street. Took a few deep breaths, and found my center again.

Our mental health in this strange, odd, weird, time, is paramount. As much so, as our physical health.

Be safe. Be well. Connect in whatever way you can.

I will be right here, with Ted doing what we do to keep you informed.

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