How to Get Through This With Enough Toilet Paper

As life continues during the coronavirus, one of the questions being asked in many homes is how long it last?

And one of the other questions is; do we have enough toilet paper?

There are reasons now…not to panic. Especially after seeing a TV commercial this week for Charmin.

All the toilet paper manufacturers said this week there is plenty of toilet paper, and they will keep their increased production of it till further notice.

All the major grocery store chains say they are getting plenty of toilet paper delivered to their warehouses and they have stepped up the shipping of it to their stores.

The stores all now have limits on the amount you can buy. And they have and are hiring thousands of extra workers….as well as having reduced their hours a bit…to give them time to re-stock the store each day.

The number of panic buyers and hoarders has begun to ease off a bit and that helps.

And now there’s that website you can go to…to find out how much toilet paper you need.

The website calculates how long your stash of toilet paper will last, You just enter how many rolls you have, and how many people in your home and how often each of them go to the bathroom in an average day. ‘

The website address is

Once we know how much we need, it should help reduce the over buying and make it easier for everyone to get what they need. And at times like this, helping each other get through this is what we really need….even when it comes to toilet paper.

CLICK HERE to calculate how much you need.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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