What You Can Do to Help Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus

The story of health care workers during this coronavirus crisis is an amazing one.

I watch our neighbors across the street from us still going to their jobs every day because of what they do and so while many or most of us have to work from home, Yes, our neighbors are nurses. A married couple united in their commitment to helping others who are ill and in need of their care.

They leave early every morning for their jobs at a local hospital, knowing the challenges they may face during these unusual times, but doing what they have always done, carrying for others who need them.

And our neighbors and so many like them are reasons why an on line post this week by another nurse in another city is getting attention.

In that post, nurse Brie Gowen, wrote about a briefing for her and the staff where she works:

“No one griped, guffawed, or rolled their eyes,” she says. “We listened to conversations of personal protective equipment running low, and straightforward statements that a nursing shortage was on the horizon. Stoic, we stood tall, and not one person said, “that’s it. I’m outta here!”

And her request on her post was this:

“Thank a nurse today! And…thank the doctors, techs, therapists, and many other frontline staff.”

So as we all go through this coronavirus thing, thank them and maybe take time some time to say a prayer for Brie, for those neighbors and for ALL our healthcare workers.

CLICK HERE to read Brie's entire post.

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