Is the Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times?

The coronavirus has now spread to pretty much the entire world and as we hear and see the news every day, a lot of people are asking one of the biggest questions being asked.

Is the coronavirus a sign of the end of the world?

As an article in the Washington Post put it:

“The worldwide upheaval caused by the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic has many people reaching for their Bibles, and some starting to wonder: Could this be a sign of the apocalypse?”

So is it?

The Bible is filled with prophecies about the future and about the end times.But between the beginning of the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation, there are the words of Jesus who says no one knows the day or the hour when what he says will happen…will happen.

In every generation, there have been things that have happened that were seen as a signs of the end.And in every generation, there have been those who think they know when the end will come.And they all have been wrong.

So what are we to learn from all this end of time talk?

Maybe it’s something more about the present than it is about the future.

That in these times of talking about the end times, and being forced to stay at home with lots of time on our hands, we’re being given an opportunity to think about the bigger things of life and use this time to become better people for the rest of our lives…no matter how much time we have.

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