How to Get Through Being Together All the Time

With the latest estimates from local and federal health officials, we now know that the changes in our daily lives are going to be here for at least another month or two.

The guidelines and orders to stay at home, stay away from other people and stay supplied with the things you need, and yes that includes toilet paper, all mean life is going to remain very different than any of us has experienced.

All of this can bring on worry, stress, anxiety and tension between people who find themselves stuck together at home.

For married couples that means dealing with all those things that irritate each partner about each other.And these days those things can be everything from how you put things back into the fridge to how much toilet paper you use.

Little things of course that don’t mean much most of the time but they become bigger things when you’re spending all your time together.

And there can be tension in relationships when how each spouse is handling all the news about the coronavirus 24 hours a day..with some wanting to consume all of it…with others not wanting to see or hear any of it.

You talk to marriage counselors and they will tell you that even perfect relationships (and there are none) can use some help as we all go through this for at least more weeks if not months.

That’s what the writers at Time did. Talked to marriage counselors and came up with a list of 11 useful tips for all of us couples. And they’re pretty good.


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