How to Get Through Having to Be Alone During Coronavirus

Yesterday we gave you some useful tips on how to get through what we are going through together because of having to work at home, but what about not being with anyone?

There are lots of people whose problem is not being together too much but being alone now all the time.

With the stay at home orders and being told to keep your distance from even best friend neighbors, many people, and many of them elderly, are now alone 24 hours a day.

What tips are there for people who are in this sole isolation now and probably for at least several more weeks?

Maybe some advice from a young man who’s a former monk can help those who are alone.A former monk who says that there can be strength in solitude.

He suggests that you do one thing every day that brings you joy. A creative project, a good book, or maybe going through old photos of good times with family.

Secondly, he says make your space inspiring and energizing.Maybe change out a decoration or post up an inspiring quote or Bible verse on the wall.

And this former monk also suggests that if you’re alone now, it’s a good time to practice meditation or prayer and make a decision to think about positive things and not negative things…to help settle your mind and ease your worry.

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