WATCH: Talking With Someone Who Doesn't Want to Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

We hear it every day now at every news briefing in San Diego, in Sacramento and in Washington D.C.

Local, state and federal health officials telling everyone to follow the orders and advisories to stay at home as much as possible, stay away, at least six feet, away, from other people, wash our hands frequently and don’t touch our faces.

The nation’s top two doctors on the White House coronavirus task force call it mitigation, what we need to do to mitigate or lessen the impact of the COVID-19 virus.To slow the spread. To flatten the curve. To bring an end of the crisis sooner, than later.

And while the President and local and state leaders have praised how many people are responding well, there are some people and in some areas, more than in others, who are not following all these steps to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci and Dr.Birx at the White House says these efforts are working and will work to slow the spread. But they warn that those who are not following them, are putting themselves and many others at risk.

So when you see some people still gathering in groups or not taking proper precautions, how do you convince them?Especially if they are friends or neighbors or even family.

The San Diego based National Conflict Resolution Center has come out with some guidance on what to do.


(Photo credit NCRC)

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