Study: What Does It Mean to Get Back to Normal?

As we wait for the word from the Governor on when the stay at home order is lifted and businesses can re-open, you hear a lot about the so-called new normal while at the same time hearing about wanting to get back to the usual normal sooner than later.

But a new research study suggests that for a lot of people, getting back to normal could take longer than sooner.

The study surveyed about one thousand Americans and found that, 40% of them plan to avoid public spaces unless “absolutely necessary” long after the pandemic is over.

Even among those who said they will return to public spaces eventually, it isn’t going to happen immediately. A third will wait a few weeks, and 26% will wait one or two months. 16% said they’re not sure if they’ll ever feel comfortable out in public again.

Not surprisingly, the survey also found that there are a lot more germaphobes out there. More than 80 percent said they are now more aware of, and concerned about, cleaning protocols in public areas. Additionally, 58% are more suspicious about their friends’ and family’s hygiene habits.

The study also had a message for businesses when they do re-open.

More than three quarters of the people surveyed said they’re going to be checking on how businesses clean their places with 51 percent saying they won’t patronize stores and restaurants that aren’t transparent about their cleaning practices.

So it looks like that once things do start moving from abnormal to new normal to old normal, it could take a while.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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