WATCH: George W. Bush on What's Ahead in COVID-19 Fight

It’s a start but it’s a slow start, and it’s going to take several months.

That’s how the announcement by Governor Newsom is being described the morning after saying that some stores could open for curbside service to customers starting Friday.

But as one expert told the L-A Times, it’s going to take time before we see things approaching anything like normal times, saying it could take a year or more for things to really get back to where they were before any of us had ever heard of a virus called COVID-19.

The Governor says it’s the first part of a second part of a four stage process.

He and California Public Health Director Dr. Sonia Angell were quick to say that if the rate of the spread of the virus and hospitalizations start going up again, the actions to loosen up things a bit would be tightened up.

Not surprising given the new reports this week, from the CDC and other health experts, with new models based on the early opening of some states, that now project a higher and more rapid rate of deaths per month starting in June with the total by August reaching as many as 134-thousand deaths nationwide. Even the President has upped his prediction to 100-thousand.

The ongoing debate over opening too soon vs opening not soon enough is likely to continue, but the advice from former President George W. Bush in the video he posted last weekend is good advice right now.

As he put it, “We are not partisan combatants; we are human beings, equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God.”


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