How Different Will Mother's Day Be During a Pandemic Year?

Like everything else these days, Mother’s Day is going to be a little different on Sunday.

With sit-down restaurants closed and gatherings at the beach not allowed and not being able to gather together for church or Sunday brunch, celebrating Mother’s Day is indeed not going to be like it usually is.

Having to settle for virtual hugs with mom and having to settle for waving to grandma from outside the window of the retirement home is not going to be easy.

Even the gifts for Mom this year could be different. A consumer expert at the National Retail Federation says people may want to give their mom a device to help her stream entertainment and video chat. Books, gardening and housewares are still popular but Mom may find it delivered by someone from Amazon instead of the kids.

But none of this means we will not let our Moms know how important they are to us. And maybe never more important than on this Mother’s Day.

You see, from when things go bump in the night when we’re little kids to when things don’t go right with our friends when we’re teens, to when we’re adults when things can become complicated, who do we go to most often? Mom.

And right now moms everywhere, from single moms to moms with huge families, to moms who are on the front lines in hospitals and nursing homes…all are playing important roles in getting us through the health and economic crisis we’re going through.

So no matter how we have to communicate it, even if we can’t hug her, we need to let our moms know that they are especially special to us this year, here in the pandemic year of 2020.

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