STUDY: How Pandemic Could Affect Our Relationships

While we’re all in this coronavirus pandemic together, we also have seen that we’re not all thinking about it in the same way.

We’ve seen the protests in San Diego and at the state capitol in Sacramento and in some other cities around the country. Not surprisingly we’ve also seen some of our local, state and federal leaders doing what they do a lot, arguing and accusing each other.

And now a new survey has found that many Americans have started looking down on others who are ignoring the rules to stay at home, social distance and wear face coverings. The poll of 15-hundred U.S. citizens found that 51% of the respondents said they’ve already judged an acquaintance for not following the health guidelines.

Some psychologists are now dispensing advice on the cable news channels about how to tell someone kindly to wear their face mask so as to avoid an argument,

Based on the survey the rebels are few.More than 90 percent of those surveyed say they’ve taken the proper measures to prevent the spread of the virus. And the vast majority says they have become hyper-aware of their cleanliness, with more than 70 percent saying they wash their hands every single time after using their smart phone and are routinely cleaning and disinfecting the phone.

Even after the pandemic has passed, most Americans in this survey said that, at least at the moment, they still plan on avoiding kisses, handshakes and hugs.

Once a vaccine is available that certainly could change. Let’s hope so.A world without human contact and touch could cause relationship pandemic.

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