The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet...Still!

It was back in 2019, someone calling himself "Darius S." said he had recorded a song in 1984, that was played on a program called "Music for Young People," on German public radio.

According to Darius, he found the song on on a cassette along with songs from both XTC and The Cure that were released around the same time.

In 2007, his sister...also using a pseudonym "Anton," began posting the song on the Internet, hoping someone would recognize the artist. This attempt was re-posted to websites in Canada and Germany...but no one able to solve the mystery.

Enter: Justin Whang. Whang is a YouTuber with a series called Tales from the Internet.

Apparently, OUR Covid boredom has spawned renewed interest in the mysterious song and artist. So take a listen, and see if YOU know who it is.

Make sure you check out the update, as well.

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