Some Signs of the New Normal Ahead of Us

There are signs that we could be getting closer to what keeps being described as the new normal which of course would mean we are least also getting closer to more normal.

One sign is the Governor announcing the guidelines for reopening for offices, shopping malls and for sit down dining at restaurants, when they are allowed to open. And that’s still not known but as each day goes on we know it’s getting closer.

And with the long overdue project being announced to repair the usually very busy Harbor Drive in San Diego during an unusually very non-busy time when very few are going to the airport these days is a sign that the city wants to be ready for when the new normal arrives at the airport, whenever that is.

On Thursday it will be eight weeks since the Governor announced the stay at home order and businesses had to begin shutting down.And for the last two months, it’s been hard for everyone in some way and hardest for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been temporarily furloughed or laid off from their jobs completely.And it’s been hard for the thousands of businesses who have had to remain closed, with some trying to survive wit pick-up and delivery but others who have not or may not survive.

That’s we hope the signs of at least the new normal is not that far off.

Yet as we are hearing again today from the nation’s top health officials, there are also signs that if we open too quickly, and move too fast, the new normal could revert back to the abnormal of the last couple of months.

So as we wait, we also should be preparing for that new normal which looks like it will mean face masks and physical distancing even after things start to get back to normal.

(Photo credit: The "Magic Carpet Ride" statue along Highway 101 had a surgical mask put on it March 15, 2020 in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

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