What's Ahead for the Pandemic Generation?

They’re called the members of the greatest generation, growing up during the Great Depression and going through World War II.

They are fewer and fewer in numbers, those born in the 1920’s.

But a new generation that grew up during the time after 9-11 and is now going through the Great Pandemic may turn out to be the next greatest generation.

They are the kids and teens born since 2000 who have seen quite a lot during what are called our formative years.

Studies have shown that our values and the way we see life for the rest of our lives are influenced by what happens when we are in the growing up years.

And that’s why it’s a good thing that our kids are becoming more of a focus on how this COVID thing is affecting them. It’s reflected in a lot of ways.

There was the mom during public testimony this week, by phone of course, who told County Supervisors she was worried about the long term effects of kids not being able to go to school and not being able to go through graduation ceremonies and not being able to play with their friends.

And then there are the thousands of kids here in California and in other states, whose parents are out of work, who have to depend on school districts, local and state governments and charities to have enough food to eat and the impact that could have on them.

As a top state official in Texas put it this week in a News Release about a pandemic food benefit program there, “I hope it gives them a little hope in a dark time."

Like the kids of that first greatest generation decades ago did, the kids of this new greatest generation will emerge from this and will be stronger because of it and may be the real answer to making America great again.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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