Finding the Cure for SDSU Mission Valley Agreement With City

We all know how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting everything, literally everything in some way.

Our health, our jobs, our money, our education. It also has affected our local, state and federal governments.

The city and county of San Diego have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and tourist tax revenue. The state of California has lost billions of dollars.

So is it bad timing or good timing for the squabble over the plans for developing the largest plot of land in the city of San Diego?

Measure G was approved by voters back in November of 2018. But now, as we are reporting, after a year and a half of bumpy negotiations over the plan for the new stadium to replace the aging and crumbling old stadium, and create a much needed expansion of the SDSU campus along with retail and housing, there are worries the whole thing could fall apart.

This comes at a time now, since the great pandemic led to the great shutdown, when budgets are being cut and will be cut at all levels of government.From funding for public services in the city to funding for state universities, and the likely loss of more jobs and a long recovery.

So with a project like the one involving San Diego State meaning thousands of jobs and a big boost to the economy in the years after this pandemic, it would seem that both sides should commit to working this out now and find a way, some way, to actually make this happen without further delay.

Maybe it can even be the cure for a virus at City Hall that has kept San Diego from getting big projects done for decades.

(Photo credit Daily Aztec)

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