Air Force Thunderbirds Flyover San Diego To Salute Healthcare Workers

A squadron of Air Force Thunderbirds rocketed over the skies of San Diego County Friday afternoon in a tribute to healthcare workers.

The jets flew over hospitals in the South Bay, East County and Central San Diego before ending its flyover salute in the North County.

People were at their windows, balconies and on the streets with their eyes upwards when the demonstration began shortly after 12pm.

The Air Force asked observers to maintain guidelines of social distance.

The commander of the demo squad said it was an honor for the team to salute the healthcare workers and other responders on the frontline in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Later the F-16 Fighting Falcons passed over Orange and Los Angeles County.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

USAF Thunderbirds Fly Over Southern California In Salute Frontline COVID-19 Workers

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