The Early Morning Earthquake Wake-up Call During Pandemic

There’s been a lot of talk about the coronavirus pandemic being a wakeup call for everybody about the unexpected and how we need to be better prepared.

But a lot of people in California got a real wakeup call early this morning when that major size earthquake hit in Nevada not far from the central California border.

The 6.5 earthquake was a big quake. But because this one was centered in a remote area, there won’t be much of any damage if any. And that’s good news.

But a quake of that size, that was even reported felt as far south as right here in San Diego, is a wakeup call for all of us.

Governor Newsom this week reminded us that the pandemic isn’t the only kind of thing we should be better prepared for, warning that a dangerous summer and fall of wildfires could be ahead and why he’s boosting staff at Cal Fire because of that.

And that’s a reminder to all of us of something we already should know about what to do to prevent and prepare for those big wildfires.

The state and federal governments are both learning they need to be better prepared for a pandemic, having been way too short of protective equipment for hospitals and the millions and millions of health care workers who needed it the most when they didn’t have it.

Maybe today’s 6.5 earthquake will shake up governments, businesses and all of us to be better prepared for the unexpected that we know that sometimes, we have to expect.

(Photo courtesy USGS)

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