What We Need to Move Forward With More Re-Openings

It’s pretty clear that a lot of people are anxious to get back to something close to normal.

We all saw video of those long lines of people waiting to get in on the first day of re-openings by tribal casinos in the county, despite urgings from the governor this last weekend not to open their doors yet,

And with the Governor then just hours later announcing a loosening of the goals counties need to reach in their cases and hospitalizations of coronavirus cases to open up more businesses, there’s hope now that the new normal is just days away in many counties including San Diego.

And if those virus numbers reported by the County keep falling, in addition to in-person dining and shopping possible just days ahead, salons, barbers, gyms and church services could be coming in the next couple of weeks or so.

But health officials warn that even as more things open up, that new normal will be around for a while, with physical distancing, face mask and sanitation and hygiene guidelines that come with this new normal.

As the Governor put it Monday, while all of this is encouraging, he had a word of caution, saying “there would be no greater mistake than if we moved too quickly” …leading to a surge of new cases and increased hospitalizations.

In other words, while the shutdown may be loosening, we can’t loosen up on all the things we’ve been doing that have gotten us to where we are.

And while we’re at it, we also need less pointing of fingers about who was right or who was wrong, and more respect for each other and each other’s health.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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