Getting Used to Things Going Away in a COVID World

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down in many ways.

What we thought we knew, we’ve learned we don’t know.What we thought we needed, we’ve learned it’s more about what we wanted

And we’ve learned that many of things we thought would never go away have or are.

That’s what happens when the economy basically has to shut down to slow a never before heard of virus that is spreading like wildfire.

Things suddenly become very different, especially when it comes to the things that drive the economy, businesses and jobs.

And how businesses have and are changing.

Take for instance, the news about Pier 1 Imports, a business that has been around since 1962, almost 60 years, announcing that as retail businesses are allowed to open, they will be open only as long as it takes to sell off their inventory and then it’s shut them down for good.

Pier 1 is only one of a lot of once popular and successful retail businesses that are going out of business or filing for bankruptcy or close to it in recent weeks.J.C. Penney’s, J. Crew and Neiman-Marcus are among the biggest.

But there are a lot of smaller businesses that won’t open again and others that are in intensive care because of the pandemic.

And with on line shopping and products delivered to your door having become even more popular out of necessity, there are likely to be lots of changes in the retail world in the world after COVID-19.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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